About Us

A Revolution is Rising

Colorado Springs Socialists has risen to become one of the largest revolutionary socialist organizations in the country despite being less than 2 years old, operating in the 6th most conservative city in the country, and being ruthlessly pursued by the state. (Trial of the Socialist Six)

We are undeterred and will continue the struggle with the iron will and revolutionary ferver that has driven our work since day one.

The number of people radicalizing politically and identifying with socialism are legion and increasing. It is imperative that the organizational structures exist within our society to funnel this discontent into a successful, revolutionary situation when those historic moments arise. Colorado Springs Socialists provides such a structure.

Our History

Colorado Springs Socialists started as an informal Marxist reading circle of 5 people in the fall of 2016. In 2017 we decided to become a formal organization and focus on building our base membership. We created official roles, participated in a national conference in Philadelphia, held marches and educational events, started collecting dues for self-funding, and expanded from an organization of 10 members to an organization of 40 members, not including our branch in Pueblo, which was successfully founded in August of 2017. Additionally, we’ve succeeding in getting student organizational status on two campuses. Despite operating in the sixth most conservative city in the country we have succeeded in becoming the largest socialist organization in Colorado, and we did it in less than a year. We fully expect to surpass 100 members by the end of 2018.

What We Do Locally

From our headquarters downtown we print off thousands of pages of agitational pamphlets that are attached to parked cars en masse in an effort to radicalize the local population. We systematically put up our organizational posters in order to find the remaining revolutionary socialists in our city. We also distribute specialized agitational material at protests in Colorado Springs and Denver in an effort to radicalize those in attendance and help them understand the link between their struggle and capitalism.

We are actively trying to start a tenants union in Colorado Springs in an effort to get working class people to organize against parasitic landlords and slumlords, and stop the homeless epidemic that is sweeping our city. This will help undermine the hegemony of the local bourgeoisie through working class folks organizing themselves and being imbued with the realization that, through class struggle, there is power in numbers, that there exists class warfare, as we struggle against rent hikes, unjust eviction, negligence, and homelessness.

We host two reading circles to train our members in the art of Marxism. With our 100+ books we've been able to help many of those new to the left find their politics and radicalize.

What We Believe

We are an explicitlyMarxist organization that ultimately seeks the overthrow and replacement of capitalism with socialism. We are a non-tendency organization that accepts anyone as a member as long as they participate in the organization and/or pay dues. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Marxist-Leninist, Trotskyist, Maoist, Anarchist, Left-Libertarian, Democratic Socialist, or anything else. The only people we exclude from our organization are those on the far-right, alt-right, or those who seek to harm our efforts. We are actively involved in a project by the name of Marxist Center that seeks to unite around two dozen independent revolutionary socialist organizations into the first nation-wide, non-tendency Marxist organization. We participated in the founding congress in August, 2017 in Philadelphia. We strive to create safe venues for the free expression of ideas. We are inclusive to all races, genders, sexual orientations, religious creeds, nationalities, and so on. If you choose to participate in illicit activities we ask that you keep such information to yourself.

Our Goals

These are enumerated in the practical activity document that is attached to the email every other week. They include but are not limited to: helping with events and sustained campaigns, creating and distributing agitational materiel, making gear (pins, flags, etc.), contributing to our newspaper, contributing to our website, postering, tabling, and establishing sister organizations in cities that have no organized socialist presence. Only by working together and utilizing our skills and talents can we affect change—we need all hands on deck if we’re to see a revolution in our lifetime. All of our collective responsibilities are predicated on the revolutionary praxis of educate-agitate-organize. We have short, mid, and long-term goals. We seek to increase our membership, to educate and train our membership, to increase class consciousness and class warfare inColorado Springs by radicalizing the public through information gathering and sharing, to cohere a state-wide network of revolutionary socialists, to create competing spheres of hegemony in order to undermine state power, and, eventually, to funnel the energy of the working masses into a successful socialist revolution. Unfortunately we are subject to the ebbs and flows of capitalism. It is usually only when hegemonic powers begin to collapse under their own hubris that revolutionaries are able to seize state power. It is of absolute necessity that a highly-trained and disciplined organization of Marxist revolutionaries exists when those times come, and they will come.

The Future

We are of the opinion that we are living in pre-revolutionary times. Think tanks are warning of and intelligence communities are preparing for a decade of increased social and political instability on a worldwide scale. The rise of populism, the polarization of politics, the crisis of existing party systems all indicate the twilight of the existing world order. Legions of youth are daily abandoning hope in this system and flooding into radical, anti-capitalist organizations. It is imperative that the necessary organization structures exist to take in and mobilize the millions of discontent and channel their energy into a revolutionary situation, when those historic moments arise. Colorado Springs Socialists provides such a structure.

We need you. To change our society, we need all socialists to organize around real alternatives to capitalism. Building powerful local and national organizations takes resources and money. With your donation we will continue to grow and work towards revolution in this era of mainstream political crises and radical political resurgence.

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