Proles of the Round Table

Affiliated Podcast of the Colorado Springs Socialists

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PRT Episode 8: The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Gather around the table and join the Proles as special guest Brett from Rev Left Radio comes on to discuss Mao and the Cultural Revolution!

Sources/Suggested Reading: Hun Suyin, "Wind in the Tower"; J-Moufawad Paul, "Continuity and Rupture"; William Hinton, "Fanshen"; Aaron Leonard, "Heavy Radicals"

Outro: Bambu, "Chairman Mao"

PRT Episode 7: Left Terrorism in Europe

Join the Proles as get super drunk and discuss the controversial topic of left terrorism, its history and how to interpret it. Also a raucous  "Seeing Red" segment.

Sources/Suggested Reading: "Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism" by Trotsky; "Revolutionary Adventurism" by Lenin; Terrorism and Communism" by Kautsky; "Europe's Last Red Terrorists" by Kassemeris

PRT Episode 6: Project CyberSyn

Join the Proles as they interrupt Ethan incessantly and discuss the interesting and often ignored topic of Salvador Allende's top secret project CyberSyn. Also the first ever "Seeing Red" segment.

Sources/Suggested Reading: "Cybernetic Revolution" by Eden Medina; "Towards a New Socialism" by Paul Cockshott and Allin Cattrell

PRT Episode 5: Fall of the USSR

Join the Roundtable as we sit down and discuss the tragic collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as several other topics, including a particularly spicy conversation about censorship and free press.

Sources/Suggested Reading: "Socialism Betrayed" by Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny; "Blackshirts & Reds" by Michael Parenti; "Kruechev Lied" by Grover Furr.

PRT Episode 4: Soviet Space Program

The proles sit down and discuss the long and rich history of the Soviet Space Program in this raucous and informative discussion!

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