Membership 101

How to Become a Member

In order to become a member of CSS you will meet with an existing member of the outreach team so that you politics, interests, and skillsets can be assessed and strategically integrated into the organization. Typically a person will be asked about their history with revolutionary activity—if any—and will be vetted.  Prospects must read over our sexual harassment and anti-bullying policies on our website, and this intro packet.Once prospects meet with a member and take care of these preliminary requirements they are invited to attend our general assembly meeting, to get on our bi-weekly email listing, and are added to our group page on facebook.

We ask that new members pay dues and participate at a minimum level to stay in good standing and have voting privileges. We ask members to contribute $10 a month, four hours of work a month, and attend at least half of our monthly general assemblies. If a member is unable to pay their dues for a month or an extended period, you can have another member sponsor you, though we typically ask that you spend an extra hour that month in some organizational capacity. Any member at anytime is free to increase their monthly contribution to the organization or make monetary and/or material donations.


We currently have seven roles in the organization that compose a central committee:Chair/director of education, director of outreach, director of propaganda, two co-treasurers, and two arbiters. As our organization grows we will no doubt have need for new official roles to help lead the organization and ensure its growth and stability.


Currently our organization meets once a month for a general assembly. Here members bring food, drink, ideas, and central committee members give reports on their activity. Here organizational material is distributed and members break up into teams to strategize for the next month by setting goals and brain storming ideas. We also have two reading groups that operate year-round and meet biweekly.

Voting Policy

Any member may propose a motion at any meeting. If a member cannot attend an upcoming meeting but wants to propose a motion, they may send a liaison as long as they are also a member. At the meeting, the motion is proposed and if three other members sponsor it, then an online poll is created and sent to all members. The voting period for a motion is 72 hours. The motion passes if it receives over 50% of the votes.

Arbitration Policy

Any member can approach one or more Arbiters at anytime to help resolve an interpersonal conflict with any other member ofColorado Springs Socialists. Informal discussions with the Arbiter(s) will be kept private and off the record. At the behest of any member, an Arbiter can attempt to resolve any issue or conflict by consulting with all parties and coming to a mutually agreed upon resolution. If this does not work, it is the right of any individual to lodge a formal grievance. After receiving a grievance, both Arbiters will then form an ad hoc Grievances Committee composed of three randomly-selected members of Colorado Springs Socialists. The newly-formed committee will deliberate on the case with the guidance of theArbiters with the purpose of making a recommendation. The Arbiters are not allowed a vote in these proceedings. Deliberation can be done in private, either in the presence of the Arbiter, or not, at the discretion of theCommittee. The ad hoc Grievances Committee will handle the case in the manner described below. The grievance and appeals committee can: 1. Determine the grievance has no merit. In this case the matter will be considered closed, unless the complainant wishes to appeal. 2. Determine if the grievance has merit. If so they may pass the case on to the central committee for final adjudication. The Grievance Committee may optionally make a recommendation as to the ruling, or not, at its discretion.

Become A Member
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